Rebuild Beirut

GOAL : $0

RAISED : $31,145

Around 300,000 people were displaced due to the Beirut explosion, we need to help them rebuild their homes and install windows and doors before winter starts. Please donate so our families can be warm and safe this winter.

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Adopt a student today

GOAL : $0

RAISED : $1,850

Let's give the kids a chance. Due to the hyperinflation that's been happening in Lebanon, parents are unable to afford schools anymore, so we made a deal with a number of schools to get every student a 20% discount, the parents will pay 40% and you can adopt a student by paying the remaining 40% which amounts to 300 USD per year. To ensure transparency, we'll be sending you pictures and grades of the student you've adopted on monthly basis.

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Sponsor a family monthly

The fabric of the Lebanese society is falling apart due to the financial crisis and hyper inflation that’s currently happening in Lebanon, families are going hungry and homeless, you can be part of the solution Donate on monthly basis and sponsor a family in need


USD 20


Donate 20$ a month through our subscription service and help a family in need survive this crisis Recieve a monthly update on the family you are sponsoring to see where your donation is going